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Our team photographer and media partner.  Starting out as a specialist in Cycling photography, Nick has now branched out into Motorsport and is well known within the club racing arena. Feel free to contact Nick to enquire about his services.

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Developed in collaboration with Stonewall and launched in June 2019, Racing Pride aims to positively promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity within the Motorsport industry and among its technology and commercial partners. With partners across from F1, Formula E, W Series, Praga, Sim racing and club racing, Racing Pride are truely "Grassroots to Grand Prix" 


Founded in 1843 as the Sheffield School of Design, Sheffield Hallam has exercised a powerful impact on the city, region, nation and world. Today we are one of the UK’s largest and most diverse universities: a community of more than 30,000 students, 4,000 staff and more than 200,000 alumni around the world. 

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